Uniti Nova and Dynaudio Evoke 10 Toasted


My first post and not a happy one.

Last night we had thunderstorm and lightning here, and results of it are as follows;

  • Naim Uniti Nova, 2 months old, completely toasted, can not turn it back on at all
  • Dynaudio Evoke 10, 2 months old, bass drivers fried on both units, tweeter units seem to be OK
  • No visual damage to external of Naim or speakers
  • Noticed burning smell from speakers and Nova in time after lightning strike
  • No damage to other equipment connected to SAME power point; Naim Stageline, iSupply, Rega P6, and NAS, or anywhere else in the house…. two most expensive units in the house got toasted….

Not happy at all……

Sorry to hear that - what a bummer. Would be really upset if my Nova got toasted. ATB

Was the Nova fully powered up or in standby at the time?
Have you checked the fuse at the rear of the unit where mains plug connects?

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It’s definitely worth checking the fuses, as suggested. If the equipment is fried it’s time to get on the phone to your insurance company. The Nova may be repairable or it may be the case of a replacement. Your dealer should liaise with Naim and Dynaudio on this.

The advice is to turn off and unplug the equipment if there is an electrical storm but of course that’s easier said than done sometimes. I’m sure you’ll get it resolved.

Unit was in stand by
Yes I did check Fuse and it is still intact…can not powered it anyway, and there was bad burning smell coming out if it…and it was hot…taking it tomorrow to Naim dealer for assessment…

Sorry to hear that. However if fuse is okay in mains plug and also the internal fuse, then there is not much more you do, other than your proposed action of taking it to your local Naim dealer. Smell of burning is not good with any electronics equipment :frowning_face:

Maybe a dumb question, but if the issue was caused by external power surge due to the storm, wouldn’t that have fried the fuses too? Seems odd that nothing else on the same circuit suffered too. Is it possible for the Nova to have developed a fault, coincidentally, that burned itself and the bass speakers out? Really frustrating I’m sure. I hope it gets resolved swiftly for you. At least the Nova will be under warranty. If that was me it would probably happen the day after the warranty expired!

Mains spikes tend to be intense but of short duration. I never trust a standard fuse to blow in time, which is why there is money to be made in selling surge suppressor plugs etc. The problem for hifi is that they cause interference on the mains supply that can be audible.

@Callas01 sound familiar to you?

This is exactly what happened to me about a year ago. Fuse was fine, but the amp was dead and my left front woofers were melted one had a hole in it, and the tweeter was dead. Right speaker was fine.

Dynaudio was GREAT, they helped me get into a pair of Contour 20s for a price that I can’t speak of. I can say because of HOW Dynaudio handled it, I won’t ever leave Dynaudio.

Naim replaced my Uniti Star without question.


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I’m in the USA, I’d say 25% of the time during summer my system is simply unplugged. If I’m out many times I just can’t get home in time to unplug the HiFi system, if a big storm hits. My NAS and router, TV, sound bar, etc are all plugged into surge protectors made by both SurgeX and Zero-Surge both of these use “Series Mode” protection. These aren’t audiophile type products as much as real lighting and surge protection. I’m pretty sure they are available in Europe… Their US site has a link to their German site.

Agree, they are great. The OP should contact Naim as well as our Danish cousins and see what their advice is.

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