Uniti Nova and input settings


I wish to ask fellow Nova owners about few settings I recently discovered.

  1. I own Rega fono stage which is connected succesfully to Nova with Rega p3 turntable.

In Nova app settings it is possible to change input sensitivity. (Adjust the sensitivity of this input whitin the audio input ADC stage).

English is not my first language, so Naim explanation sadly does not help me eaven it is stated in the brackets as a explanation. So could someone explain it in more lamen terms?:joy:

Mine was set as default to (Hi-fi 2,5V) Other options available: Studio 6,5V, TV/AV 1V or Portable phones 0,5V.

  1. Second question. Server mode - does this affect sound quality positively while it warms up the unit? (Left allways on, eaven when not using the server function).

I found related conversation from this board which sadly was allready closed. Unfortunately it left the question open for second guessing. No official technical response from Naim.

Why I am asking? I had old Naim integrated amp where it was stated in the official owners manual to leave it on, for better SQ.

(Naim nait5i)
(”3,3 : better and more consistent performance will be achieved if the system is left switched on for long periods”.

Of course it changed to a mantra with Naim dealers and owners.

In my new Naim Nova manual that statement is no longer available. Why? Is constructions of the unit changed so it is no longer technically needed or is it due to more eco friendly approach guided by EU regulation Naim wished to comply with? Environmental questions aside. Does it matter to the SQ?

(In Playstation 5 settings when using ecomode the fullest, you can not no longer charge contollers at night after shut down. So when you get some, you loose some. Sony launched also ”semi ecofriendly”profile, which leaves background power on for 3 hours after shut down. Problem solved.

I would be very happy to hear more analytical approach on subject when it comes to Naim Nova and the subject above.

Ps, I do not have major shares in power companies😂

Hi, that would be the most appropriate setting for your phono stage, which itself will be designed to output at line level.
Ref the server setting, it’s best to leave it switched on even if you’re not using server mode, but if you don’t notice the difference between on and off then I would leave it switched off.

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