Uniti Nova and Thiel?

I have a second system that needs some updating. My Cambridge Audio Azur 840A, Squeezebox Touch and Teac UD-301 DAC are all showing their age. I thought a Nova might be a good replacement for all three.

I’d like to hold on to my speakers, though. They are 20 year old Thiel 1.5s. Anyone familiar with this combination? The set up is in a small room, and I have virtually no flexibility. Also, the Thiels are 4 Ohms (3 Ohms minimum) and have a 86 DB sensitivity.

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I have CS1.6s, in their boxes at the moment but too good to sell on. I originally ran them with a Rega Maia at 80W but not with such a large reserve as a Nova. A Nova should be fine with your 1.5s.
How small is the room, Thiel say to listen a minimum of 8’ from the speakers for driver integration. I tried my 1.6s in an 11’ (almost) square room but not for long, they were happier in one 13’ long.

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I had Thiel 1.6 before. I run them with 202/200/ hicap. I think it was a minimum for these speakers.

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They did improve a bit when I replaced the Maia with a 250-2 but the Maia wasn’t bad unless you turned it up too loud and played Mahler 10 in the Cooke completion by the BPO, at one point there is a sustained fff passage, that drained the reservoir capacitors faster than the puny transformers could refill them. The result, a tweeter seemed to sparkle and the sound jumped forward at me. This was with the demo speakers, I never pushed my own pair that far.

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Thanks for the replies.

This is for a bedroom in an apartment (aka flat :smiley:). As mentioned it’s a second system, I’m never going to use it to play Mahler at concert levels. I can imagine an occasional problem with movies with wide dynamic range, but not for music. I never had a problem with the Azur 840s, although they claim 200 watts for 4 ohm speakers.

And while the speakers are not quite 8 feet apartment, that’s as far as I can separate them. Pre-amp/amp set-up is not feasible.

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