Uniti/Nova Bluetooth allowing connect even when input is disabled


I usually have Bluetooth disabled on my Nova, since my own potential sending devices all have AirPlay built-in and are on the same LAN.

About 2 weeks ago, I had enabled Bluetooth (enable input, enable pairing) for a friend who was visiting. I disabled the input again, after she left.

Now, on Monday evening while watching TV (via optical-in to Nova) my sound “died” and when I checked the app, the Nova claimed to be playing some audio drama (?). I could roughly place the title, but it was for sure not coming from any of my devices. I switched back to optical, only to have it switch back a minute or two later.
Now I checked in more detail, and saw, that someone ™ had connected via Bluetooth. (Likely neighbors from the level below mine?) I went to the Naim app, and the Bluetooth input was still disabled. After I enabled it, I could see, a device was connected and could disconnect it. Which I did. And it came back, this time actually starting audio playback. :hushed:
After some playing around, I first disabled pairing, and only then disabled the input - after that, my iPhone did not find the Nova any more via Bluetooth.

Any chance, the pairing stays active, even when the input itself is “disabled”? (Which is not the (by me) expected behavior, but maybe my exceptions need adjustment.)
Anyone else got similar experience? Should I contact Naim about this? Opinions?

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PS: The software found this older entry, which did not get much response:

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FWIW, I would expect pairing to be disabled when the input is disabled

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