Uniti nova Crashed

Big problem here, i was factory resetting the UnitiNova, unplugged the cord. Then i heard a pouf sound in the speaker. After doing the factory resetting the Naim sound really weird, almost like a FM Station not on right channel. Full of weird noises, distorsions, etc.

The Speakers are ok because i tried with the Unitiqute to see if i blow the tweeters.

Totally Desesperate here. Any inputs?

That does not sound well, if I were you, I’d leave the unit switched off and gave my dealer a call …

I got it second hand yesterday. So, I don’t have any dealer. The unit is less than 2 years old, but I’m not sure the warranty is transferable. I hope It wont cost me thousands dollars to repair it. The left Channel seems ok now but the right channel is almost dead.

Local legislation might vary, but if the unit is less than two years old, I’m pretty certain that this will be covered by Naim warranty. Please leave it switched off, it might make things worse …

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The uniti nova is back in his white box. Supposed to have news from the original dealer tomorrow. The good thing in that sad event is I didn’t sell the uniti qute 2. I feel the qute doesn’t want to leave my house. I feel it will be a long story and the qute will play music for Christmas. Is nova have some reliability issues or I’m really not lucky?

Maybe the fuse?

A fuse would be all or nothing. Sound like something has perhaps failed on the right channel? Speak to your distributor on Monday.


I’m not aware of any general unreliability issues with the Nova so unlucky I think.


Focal Naim is not too far for my home(45 minutes). Not sure if I need the original invoice for the servicing or the distributor need an authorization from the dealer. The uniti was sold in 2021, so should be on the 2 years warranty.


Follow Up. We contacted the Dealer. Dealer told us the Uniti almost never break(Good to hear) and It is long to get it fixed. He told me to retry. the Nova. So i unboxed it to tell him the unit is faulty. SURPRISE! It Works perfectly. I’m in shocked. Probably, the nova was not happy of the software upgrade or it is something related to software. Maybe Clare knows better. I feel so happy. But really intriguted of what was the problem. Thanks people for the moral support!


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Strange story, but happy to hear that the Nova is OK now so you can enjoy it during the upcoming holidays!

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