Uniti Nova favourites

Quick question: is it possible to assign one of the analogue inputs on a Uniti Nova to the favourites?

Not that I know.

What do you want? Directly access it from the unit/remote? (Faster than toggling through all active inputs?)

Hi Philipp - the intention is to use a record player and switch to the corresponding analogue input without using the app on my iPad or smartphone.

There’s an input selection menu available on the front panel buttons and the remote - it might take a few clicks (depending on the number of active inputs and the starting position; you basically cycle through all inputs and press “play” to select one), but you can select input without app.
I often do this for my TV (on optical digital input).

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Thanks! I have the Nova for more than a year now, but have always operated it via the Naim app … ashamed taht I need to ask the question here …

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