Uniti Nova Frozen

I recently unplugged my Nova to place some IsoAcoustics footers underneath and it appears I’ve broken it. Current boot sequence looks like this

  • Plug in the power cable
  • Hear the “click”
  • Naim logo appears with progress bar on the bottom
  • Home screen appears with “Now playing”, “Spotify”, etc. buttons. Network indicator icon is there.
  • Power button is blinking with 4 flashes, a pause, 1 flash, a pause, and 3 flashes. (4-1-3 error code?)

At this point the unit is not responsive. The remote doesn’t work, the on-unit buttons don’t work. The nova appears as a room in the Naim app, but trying to select it just returns an Unresponsive error.

Tried to do a factory reset, but it doesn’t appear to do anything. Also I’m a bit confused about the “powering” on step. Should I be holding the Play/Pause and Input buttons, and then attaching the power cable? Or while pressing the power button? Neither seems to do anything.

Any ideas?

I’d unplug it and just let it sit. if it has an external fuse you could check that it’s not blown.

I suspect that if the power button is flashing then the fuse is ok……

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