Uniti Nova hardware

I’ve bought a Nova (from a dealer) advertised as x display 8 months old. The serial number has confirmed it’s a 2017 unit not a 2020 as I though. Apart from the miss-selling aspect has the hardware and its internal parts been changed at all over the last 4 years? Software is up to date. Fast helpful answer please!

I have one of the earliest Novas, as far as I know as a user there have been no significant hardware changes announced/introduced. Only Naim would really know if there have been minor hardware revisions/internal redesigns which don’t affect specifications/features.

From memory a few early units had an issue with a below spec adhesive strip which held on the perspex like strip causing it to come loose, but this was easily fixed by a dealer.

Best thing is to probably query it with the dealer directly - you never know, they may simply have had an unopened ‘new’ one in stock and only put in on demo last year, and not actually realised the manufacturing date.

Understand your concerns, good luck with it.


Agree with @Alley_Cat - check with the Naim Dealer who sold it to you.

IMO, at least a modest refund would be appropriate, in view of the date disparity.

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If you go for it, also get confirmation of the warranty. If the dealer offers you a full five years it will almost be due a recap by the time it expires.

Unless the dealer rectifies the situation, this calls for naming and shaming so that people stay away, and go to a honest dealer instead. Many of those around!

Thanks for the responses. After a few emails and calls, happy with what the dealer has proposed although not much of a personal apology……not even for the remote having flat batteries!

Good that you are happy with the dealer’s proposal — a shame though that he doesn’t have the balls to apologise.


Perhaps he is connected with the UK Government…?


Can confirm no hardware changes - plenty of software updates, though, so i’d make a Firmware update a priority.


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