Uniti NOVA headphone output

Goodmorning everyone
I ask you for an opinion on the driving capacity of the headphone output of my Nova.
I currently own a mid-range headset from Ultrasone, the HFI 700 I bought about 10 years ago. The manufacturer declares an impedance of 75 Ohms, sensitivity 94dB.
The listening test was not very satisfactory. Direct sound, lacking bass, listening fatigue and, above all, poor dynamics, impact and volume. Overall a rather raw sound.
We are certainly not talking about state of the art headphones but my general impression is that the headphone amplifier of my device is not up to the category to which the Nova belongs and that a dedicated headphone and amplifier combination is required.
I would like to switch to the purchase of a more important set up, but honestly I am afraid that the results will not be what I hoped for.
Have any of you had any positive experiences with headphones driven directly into the Nova’s output?
I accept any suggestion to help me in any new purchase.


I listen Beyerdynanmic Amiron Home headphones (250 Ohms, 102 dB) with my Nova and it sound very good.
Volume level on the Nova is about 40-50% with the headphones.

Sometimes, I prefer the listening quality with the Amiron Home than with my Harbeth P3EST 40th Anniversary !

I use a pair of Meze 99 Classics with my Nova and it is a great combination. They are very easy to drive, great bass and being closed my wife likes them

I don’t have the Nova just the regular Atom and yes it’s lacking via Headphones. It’s fine with some but my Focals don’t sound as good as in my RME DAC . This is why they built and released the Atom HE which is designed with headphones as the primary listening and going by it’s reception it’s doing a very good job of it. Nova , Atom and Star are primarily for speaker setups, they gave a competent headphone stage but it’s not it’s primary focus and all the good stuff goes to driving speakers very well indeed so they are not going to compete against a decent head amp. The Atom HE on the other hand does but doesn’t drive speakers directly as it has no power amp.

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