Uniti Nova keeps rebooting


Unsure whether this is the right way of asking, but I have an issue with my Uniti Nova (which I in general love deeply).

Roughly once a week, normally when I am not using it, it goes into a loop where it keeps rebooting itself. It’s connected through wifi, I normally only use Spotify Connect or a record player, and the firmware is updated with the latest version.

Anyone else has similar issues or experience of similar issues?


Hi Marten, random re-booting is a known issue that seems to affect some users. Naim are on the case and hope to have a fix in the next firmware release.

Have you been in contact with Naim tech support about this issue? If not, I would ask you to do so, as the more info they have on as many cases as possible, the better to get a handle on what’s going on.

T: +44 (0) 1722 443405

Hours of service are Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm GMT/BST

Thank you Richard, much appreciated. I will reach out to Naim directly.

Happy Friday!

I started having the same issue. Not happening every time, twice in the past few days though.
After pausing Spotify and putting the system on stand by using the iOS app, after a couple of minutes, endless reboots. Holding the power button for a few seconds is the only way to stop it. Very annoying.
I am on latest official firmware. Any idea which firmware version is supposed to try and fix this problem?

EDIT: same issue described here: FW 3.5 - Uniti Atom rebooting endlessly

The posted video is exactly what is happening with my unit.

This should hopefully be fixed with the next firmware update. Currently it’s in beta testing, but we hope for a proper release very soon.

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Thank you @Richard.Dane. Fingers crossed

Hello Naim family!

I’ve purchased a nova two weeks ago, ne I’m experiencing exactly the same thing : the first days was ok, and then, the nova started to restart randomly.

I did a full reset : at first i was happy, as the problem disappeared. But after a few days…it started to restart randomly : while idling, while listening to radio, to usb music…

I’m so disappointed : it’s just impossible to listen to music, and even if not listening to music, you hear the nova restarting randomly and generating « pop » in the loudspeakers.

When is the new firmware gonna be released? Is it possible to have it even in beta?

Have you contacted Naim Tech support? This sounds excessive and may indicate some other issue. As for the new firmware, this is in Beta and should be released imminently (i.e. any day soon).

That’s definitely unusual. I’d speak to the dealer and ask for a replacement. There may be a very occasional reboot but nothing like you are experiencing.

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My Nova has behaved better lately compared to before. For some reason, I believe it improved when I set the display to “Always off” and the Nova itself to “Always on”.

Nevertheless, looking forward to the new FW.


I’ve contacted my dealer who gave me the number of naim tech support in France.

I hopped reseting the Nova would have fix it but today was a nightmare. I’ll call the support tomorrow and see what they propose.

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Within 3 weeks my NDX2 rebooted already twice. :man_shrugging:

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