Uniti nova not hitting the spot

Hello people, I’m using a nova hooked up to dynaudio special 40s streaming through qobuz. Terrilium black speaker cable and power line light mains and a decent router cable. Naim are known for a rhythmic foot tapping sound but it’s missing something. It doesn’t draw me in and want me to keep listening. Speakers? Any suggestions.

You know what is coming. Try some ProAc speakers. Tab 10’s signatures would be a good place to start. If foot is not working, Chuck it all away and buy a Sonos. :grin:

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How long have you had the system?

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I had a Nova with S40’s, never found it engaging, to me the S40’s were a bit recessed and lacked a bit of life despite all the hype, and that was after 500hrs

Curious too.
Plus, how do you choose these components? Which criteria used? ( to get synergy)

What speakers do you use now

About 3 months but everything’s nicely run in.

This is a great question, ideally you need a dealer with a huge range of gear and the ability to audition at home.

I seem to recall that there were several reviews of the Nova with the S40’s when the Nova came out and they were overwhelmingly positive so it is a bit strange. Possible speaker/room interactions? Have you been able to give the S40’s room to breathe? I have heard them and they are great but do need space

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i do understand that not always we have the option to do this. But my point of view was more in the sense of: you bought any of this without listening together before?
Theoritically its a great combo.
But sometimes its a question of taste, or worst: limitations (like my personal case) of the room.
S40 are great but are rear ported, so need space (and volume) to sound best like @crispyduck said

Whch firmware are you running?

Speaker cable length?

Have you tried it with NACA5? (Maybe a dealer could let you borrow some to try).

Make sure the Powerline Lite plug is firmly seated in the decoupled Nova IEC socket. Power it down fully and at the mains socket before twiddling it.

I’m using Spendor A7’s now but with an SN3/NDX2, I found the A7’s with the Nova was not a great match either as they’re quite revealing and showed up the nova, good as it is. The s40’s are good speakers, it’s really a matter of taste if the combo suits you are not rather then being mismatched as such. As others mentioned try repositioning a bit, from memory the S40’s are rather good with plenty of welly but not that great at lower volumes.

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