Uniti Nova or Uniti Star with Spendor or PMC

I am currently look for a new Hifi system. In my short list, the following combination are selected
(also in line with my budget)

Uniti Star + Spendor A7 or A4
Uniti Nova + Spendor A4
Uniti Star + new PMC Twenty5 23i

Do you have an experience with these combinations?

I have already listened a demo with the star & PMC. I was very musical and sweet.

My listening room measures is 7x4. I don’t like too much bass. (distance to the wall is 500mm

Is there a big difference between the Star and the Nova?

Thanks for your feedback

I started off with a Nova and PMC 25.26 after listening to Russelk, focal, kudos and Neat speakers. I did try the Star, but i did not need the cd player, and the Nova just sounded so much better with extra grip and clarity.

I have owned both and I agree with @Gazza, the Nova just has a bit more of everything, if you don’t need the extra features of the Star the Nova is the best choice, the Star is also a great piece of hifi.
For a while I ran two Novas, one with PMC Twenty5 23’s, the other with Spendor A4’s, both great combinations, if I had to keep one pair it would be the PMC’s, also a better match for your bass preference. They really don’t need a lot of room behind them.

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Thank you for your feedback. I will request a demo with the Nova…

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If your in the UK there are some good deals on both the Star and Nova, quite a few dealers have factory refurbished units with warranty for over a £1k off, also in terms of the 25.23’s a new model has just been released so if you can source the outgoing model they are selling at a very good price.

I would opt ( like @Gazza) for Nova+PMC
Ps.: @glasnaim post resumes all for me.


Unfortunately i live in Belgium. There is no special condition except maybe for the PMC.

Just to be sure. Do you think that the PMC are more easy regarding the space with the wall in comparison with the Spendor?

I had a Star with a spendor a7 and was very pleased. Now I have a Nova with the same speakers and that combination is even better. Spendor is not particularly required for positioning, about 70cm from the back wall and 1 meter from the side is with me. The vocals are perfect, and the bass is accurate and cut just right.

I owned a Nova with Dynaudio Special 40s, brilliant combination. I still use Dynaudio speakers with Naim equipment.

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Yes! As I said in other thread, ( specially) the tweeter from the Dyn’s are quite impressive: very open / modern sound .
Indeed a good match with Naim equipament.

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Already test special 40 with a Star in the store but sound was a lot of treble and no sufficient bass…maybe the position was not correct…

I have the Nova with PMC twenty5.21s and it is a great combination. The PMC’s Are very happy close to the wall and I am sure the 25.23s would be equally happy

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Honestly, my short term goal:
your system is :fire::muscle:

I want one so bad. :sweat_smile:

( in the past months I’ve been considering change my UQ2 with MA Rx2 to Nova +Special 40, but realize that the Dyns are not the preferable speakers for me due my physical limitations of room. Here enters PMC)

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Yes slightly, the PMC are front transmission port the Spendors are rear ported but can go fairly close to wall, both are great speakers. If you wanted a nearer match it would be the 25.23’s and Spendor A7’s.
As always try before you buy and preferably in your room.

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Thank you…PMC 25 23i already tested with the Star…I was very impressed when I listen different track from New Order or INXS, London grammar…details were there with good balance between instrument

I will try to test with the Nova…and Spendor A7.

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