Uniti Nova + Phono Stage

I have an RP3 with Moon 110LP v2 phono stage.

Settings as per recommendations for an Apheta 3

But i have to increase the volume quite a lot versus other sources - methiks smething wrong but the Gain is at highest setting

Any ideas?

How much is quite a lot, what is your amp, and what are the other sources?

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I’d say from 30 to 55 on the dial at a front & centre listening point

Amp is Uniti Nova, other sources cd transport & TV

I see. I don’t have a Nova nor the Moon, but 30 to 55 seems a lot. The Rega Aria output volume is not very much lower than the NDX2 into the 252. I tried to find the output level on the Moon in the published specs, but was not successful. I am assuming that you did not mess up the dip switches :smiley:

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@Kryptos didn’t you have a similar combination?


Yeah as @n-lot mentions, I also had one of these and with my Star I had to set it 10 - 15 above streaming volume. I believe it to be normal for this phono stage.


Ah! Thx - not just me then (might change the phono though…)

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…I did check, cos certainly could be a fat finger issue…

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I did every conceivable combination of valid to semi valid dip switch settings. It’s the phono. Even at max gain. It sounded better at the next lower gain setting though.

If you are looking to switch phono for a Rega deck with Rega MC, check out the Rega Aria.

I upgraded there from the Moon and have a P6 with ANIA Pro. Everything got a gigantic upgrade. Better gain, lower noise floor and the upgrade in sound quality knocked my socks off.


Good tips thanks

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