Uniti Nova speaker cables

Hello I’m new to the NAIM eco system I recently added a uniti Nova to my System with Focal Aria 929 speakers. Currently using Audioquest type 4 speaker cables. Any recommendations on what might be a better match I find the sound to be a tad on the bright side

You won’t go far wrong with Naim’s own NacA5. Get at least 3.5m lengths.


Yes, as HH suggests NACA5 is what I used with my Nova, and still do.


I use Atlas Hyper2 and Witchhat N2 on my Novas, the speaker cables for the Nova don’t require to be any specific length, unlike the classic series which will require at least 3.5m.

Thanks not familiar with the product I will have to see if they are available in Toronto, Canada

Thanks HH I wonder if they come in 2.5 m lengths?

Thank you can I ask which speakers you have paired with your Nova and Nac cables?

I used to have a Nova, i bought a 5 metre pair of NACA5 speaker cable and PMC 25.26. They sounded great, just got the upgrade bug.

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You can get them in whatever length you want. While the Nova will tolerate shorter lengths, 3.5m minimum sounds best.

Good to know thanks

Any decent cable from the likes of Chord, Tellurium, including Naim’s NacA5, will do the trick, you can get your cables cut to any length, if you want 2.5m just specify that.

Like your choice in speakers I heard the PMC’s after I purchased the Focals.

I use Kimber 8TC that must be at least 20 years old from my Nova into Tannoy D300’s that are well over 20 years old

I use Tellurium Q Blue’s with my Nova and they sound great, they are not especially bright so they are best paired with a clear upper range speaker. On my Spendor A4’s they are wonderful, but on a larger or boomier speaker they might become a little dark and the Tellurium Q Black may be a better match.

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I used NACA5 with my Nova at 4.5m length and was very pleased with the results. Probably the best sound/cost option.

Kimber cables are far from ideal with any Naim amplifiers - true they won’t cause a Nova to blow up (unlike using them with the ‘Classic series’ power amps) but they won’t allow it to sound at it’s best.

The reason for this is their electrical characteristics. Naim power amps sound best with a combination of minimal capacitance and higher inductance. Kimber cables are specifically designed to give minimal inductance at the cost of having a high capacitance; i.e. exactly the opposite type of cable for which Naim amplifiers are designed.

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Hi Xanthe many thanks for the reply and advice. I seen to recall that but I have been away from hi-if for the past 15 years or so and only recently bought the Nova and using it with my old equipment from the 90’s.

Everything sounds good to me on vinyl, CD or streaming via Roon with Tidal and my own stored files.

What would you recommend without spending too much?

100%, they are exactly the opposite of what Naim amps need.
I had 2x 5m lengths of Kimber 8PR laying around that I tried on my Supernait(1) & Nait-2 (just for a listen experiment)
The Nait-2 objected with poor sound & the previously cool/cold case ran warm, this is indicative of output stage instability caused by capacitive reactance… The Supernait did not seem to be too upset.
I measured the cables C & found 296pF/m !!! that’s a massive 1480pF for the 5m cable run.
As a comparison Naim NACA5 capacitance is 16pF/m, & the Chord Odyssey that I’ve used for a few years is 56pF/m

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Have 948s and nova - will have 12ft of naca5 next week -
will let you know…


My recommendation for the Nova is Tellurium “Black II”.
It is not expensive and one of the best that I know.

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