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Hi, I’m new to the forum and have a question about streaming to the nova. The nova is wired to the router and I’ve loaded the naim app to my iPhone 7, I’m using quobus and tidal which is accessed through chrome which I take is a third party. Am I getting the best out of the system ie can you access the streaming differently . Also does it matter what the sample rate is once the dac takes it and does it’s thing.

Welcome to the world of Naim.

You should add you Qobuz and Tidal accounts to the Naim App. You then use the interface in the Naim App to select the music from these services. Then you will be getting the best quality and not going via the iPhone. You can set the resolution in the Naim App for the highest allowed for the streaming services you have.

If you have subscribed to both you may get value out of the Roon software as it combines Tidal, Qobuz and local files into a single searchable library.

However this incurs extra costs and needs a server computer so just mentioning it as an option.

Just in case this is not obvious to @Darren: Touch the gear button in the top-right corner of the app to go to Settings. Then go to Input settings and click both Qobuz and Tidal to input your login details, and to select the appropriate resolution settings that your Qobuz/Tidal allows.

For instructions with pictures, go to https://www.naimaudio.com/product/uniti-nova/support and search for “Tidal”

You will then have a Tidal and a Qobuz button in the Naim app, and additionally there will be tabs for Albums, Artists, and Tracks. Click these and scroll down, then click More to see the full list and also the sort options.

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One the main advantages of using streaming services, including Qobuz, Tidal and Spotify through the Naim app is “gapless “ playback, i.e…/ the annoying delay whilst you wait for music to start playing, during which time your brain thinks did I press the button and you press it again to be sure, only to cancel the previous action. Chromecast is really annoying for that.

Another benefit, when launching the music through the Naim app: the Nova will fetch and stream the music independently of any phone, tablet, or computer.

When you have it cabled to your router, you should be all set for streaming. Surely the bitrate and samplerate reaching the DAC will matter, since it will be able to take more “resolution” into account, when generating the analog signal.
How much you will have to find out for yourself in your system - but unless your internet connection is slow, there should be surely no harm streaming in higher bitrates.

Thanks for the help, I have the naim app set up as suggested so click on it and go to search for an artist, scroll down and see what’s available from both qobuz and tidal and whether they’re hi res or not. Will end up picking qobuz in the end and drop tidal. I find it doesn’t always matter so much about the resolution and more about the recording. The right tune can sound very good. Won’t go back to separates again,

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