Uniti nova - unable to play aiff files using portable SSD via USB (error code 518)


I’ve connected a new portable SSD 1TB (exFAT formatted) to my uniti nova and able to see/open the folders but when see an error when attempting to play files (which are all aiff format.

Unspecified error during playback. Error code: 518

Looking at nova specs, the drive type/size (I’m only using 20GB space and basic folder structure - 2 parent folders with the audio files within) and files are supported - https://www.naimaudio.com/product/uniti-nova

I attempted to hard reboot (take power cord out and back in) and back/front USB ports but same error happens.

I’m on the latest firmware version (

Thoughts on what the issue is?


If I remember correctly I think I’ve seen that error code before myself and it occurred when trying to playback files that haven’t been fully populated into the app music library. Just leave it a few hours and try again to see if plays them then.

I assume you are viewing the files in the Server input/Local Music, which takes a while to scan them.
Viewing the files in the USB input, the basic folder view makes everything visible more or less immediately. I think this is what the OP is doing. Maybe worth using the server input to view the files and check that they have all been scanned before playing them. In any case it’s better than using the USB input.

Thanks for the suggestion but after leaving the external drive connected for more than 24 hours, still experiencing the issue :confused:

Thanks @ChrisSU, I wasn’t aware you could access external drive via Server input/Local music - was using USB. Unfortunately neither server input or USB mode works, both modes I can see the folders/files but they all have 0:00 length and when I try select a file to play, the nova appears to load then skip to next tracks without playing.

@Richard.Dane possible you could shed some light on this issue?

It’s not really my field of expertise I’m afraid. Probably one for your dealer or Naim support - support@naimaudio.com

However, do you have something like dbpoweramp available to you? You could try converting one of the files to WAV and then back to AIFF again and see what results.

exFAT is not officially supported by Naim streamers. I don’t know if this is your problem, but perhaps you can try putting an album on a different drive that is formatted in FAT32, NTFS or HFS and see if that works. Any USB drive will do - just a memory stick or whatever you can find.

Why Aiff and not Wav…did you compare between those format?

I’d personally suggest that whatever the issue that you use a lossless converter to change them to a different format.

I’ve only very rarely used AIFF files, and never with Naim streamers.

I’m always torn with online Qobuz purchases whether to download in Apple lossless or lossless FLAC or WAV.

I choose FLAC or Apple lossless primarily due to cover art etc being embedded which some formats don’t support.

If you wangt AIFF for good reasons I think you’d be best contacing Naim support and potentially providing them with some files for them to investigate.

My whole library of 500+CD’s is in AIFF and works fine with Nova and a separate Synology NAS.

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After further troubleshooting I found the files were not playing on laptop/other devices as well - turns out the issue was related to how I copied the aiff files onto the SSD. I recently moved my collection to google one cloud storage and copied the files to the SSD direct from cloud. Although the files were visible and taking up storage, they weren’t copied over correctly.

I did a fresh copy from another hard drive and now works and loads fast on the nova.

Thanks all for the input, appreciated.


Hi @ChrisSU

On the current range of streamers, uniti and muso range, we officially support exFat, NTFS, HFS+ and APFS on USB mountable drives. We licence the official Tuxera drivers built for each processor type. This fact is a bit hidden though.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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Hi @Stevesky I had a suspicion that this might be the case! Perhaps the Nova support thing could be updated to reflect this, sadly it seems to have quite a lot of errors and omissions :wink:

I can confirm that EXT2/4 works fine as well, and I think I’ve used JFS in the past as well. Of course works and officially supported aren’t the same thing.

I remember exFat was released in one of the earlier 3.x releases and it was in the release notes. Very convenient, since Windows and macOS support out of the box without the limitations of FAT32.
(Though older/cheaper embedded system, TVs, … don’t support it.)

Seems the webpage/help does not get updated accordingly. (Tedious job, know; especially when the technical or product guys cannot easily update it themselves.)

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