Uniti Nova USB stick buffering constantly

My new Nova arrived today. I just joined Qobuz and it is up and running playing Fleetwood Mac now. I tried a USB 128 stick with purchased downloads in the front slot. They start instantly, then play 5 or so seconds, then constantly buffer with 10 second or so gaps and 3 or 4 seconds play. Any help appreciated.

Firstly I’d try a different USB stick, if you have one.

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I believe the first time you put a USB stick in that has music on it, the Nova will do a rudimentary “indexing” which is likely why you are getting issues.

I would insert the USB stick last thing at night and try again in the morning. Depending on how full it is, this process can take some time.

Edit: you may also find the USB stick gets quite warm. This indexing is for “server mode”. If you disable “Server Mode”, then the indexing is not done, but the browsing experience in the app is very poor (no album art etc…).

Also, did you first format the stick when you got it - always a good idea

Thanks for the replies. I had a new 3.0 128gb stick here. I did not select the server option during set up so no issue there. I moved 2 albums across to the new stick and they play fine.

Lots of running in to do. So far it’s warmer, more refined but less controlled than my old 202/200/FCXS/NAPSC combo. I will try some vinyl through it tomorrow.

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There have been previous reports of counterfeit or simply iffy USB sticks over the years in many areas - where did you purchase it, which manufacturer?

How was it formatted?

Have you tried front and rear USB sockets on the Nova?

Just in case it moves, I’ve queried with moderation if this would be better off in Streaming Audio forum - they can decide - always a tricky one.

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Hi. I wouldn’t say this is about streaming as it’s a local USB stick source. Anyway, I think you need to use a very modern, fast USB stick that is not too heavy with files. The brand new stick works fine, the older one that I used in several other dacs/players probably has a slower transfer rate.
Thanks again all.

You don’t need a fast transfer speed to play from a USB stick, but it will help when loading larger files to it.

I generally buy very cheap USB sticks, I never bother to reformat them, and I’ve never had a problem playing music from them. I would buy from a reputable seller though, not an unknown ebay seller. Mymemory is a good online retailer with low prices.

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I also find that cheap USB sticks with less GB ,works and sounds better .

Yes, that crossed my mind, though we often see problems raised here simply because such problems are on ‘streaming’ hardware even if playing back from a local attached copy. Sorry if it caused any inconvenience or confusion.

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