Uniti Nova volume control noise

The volume control on my Uniti Nova has started making a nasty scraping noise as it is rotated, as if a bit of grit or something is stuck in the crack. I’ve tried a vacuum but no luck. Does anyone know if I can remove the control wheel to clean underneath it?

In short, I don’t know, but reckon a call or email to your dealer or to Naim is probably in order.

Have you tried turning it upside down and rotating the volume control manually. Maybe use the vacuum at the same time.

We have a Qb in the kitchen and I’m picking crumbs out of the volume knob quite often.

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Oh no, good idea. A bit heavy to hold upside down (!) but I’ll give it a try. Otherwise, yes I’ll consult my local dealer. Thanks for the replies.

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I was thinking of putting it upside down on the table with the volume knob end hanging over the edge. It sounds a silly idea but if something has fallen in there has to be a good chance of it falling back out. It’s what I’d try anyway.

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Probably wouldn’t want to try this with an S1 though.

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Yeah the S1 is too big and heavy for a table, you’d better just roll that into the shower and rinse it off properly.

Yes, thanks, I’d worked out that was the best way to do it. I’ll let you know if it works!

Sorry to say I had exactly the same thing happen to my Nova. In the end it went back to Naim, who replaced the volume pot. Never found out what actually happened, but happy to have it silky smooth again.

Panic over! Having turned it upside down whilst using a vacuum, shone a torch into the crack and discovered what looked like a tiny grain of sugar, prised this out with a needle and given it a good blow, it suddenly went ok!

Thanks for the interest and advice everyone.


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