Uniti Nova vs NAP250 DR

Can you tell me if the Uniti Nova 80W is significantly weaker than the NAP250 DR 80W? For both, Naim states the same number of watts and I understand that the power output differs in these, but does the palojo differ?

I am asking because I got Dynaudio Contour 60 speakers instead of the smaller Contour 20 when I got a good offer and now I am told that if I want the speakers to have their full potential I should have more power. Of course, the music already sounds really wonderful and the power is so much that I have never used more than 1/4 of the resources, but if the additional power gives the sound even more depth, then it is interesting.


Power as in watts is pretty much irrelevant; the nap250 is a better power amp than anything in the uniti range; and ideally is part of a 282/hicap/250 system. But then you need a better source etc the spend increases dramatically.
If you’re happy with how it sounds, then don’t worry about it. Though some members have added a power amp to a nova.
There’s plenty that will come up in a search
Eg Bi Amping with Nova plus NAP 250 dr


The 250DR is significantly better than the Nova power amp and currently, you can get the 250DR at a good price due to the release of the New Classic 250 and 222. The 222 will be significantly better than the Nova Pre-streamer too. Until recently I had a Star into a 250DR and the uplift in SQ when I put it in the system was very significant. I now have a 222 with a 300 power supply into the 250DR and it is again significantly better but at a big cost. I guess it all depends on where you want to end up system-wise. For me the 3 boxes I have plus a TT works, for others, the single-box simplicity of the Uniti range is the best solution. And some end up with multiple boxes and have even better-sounding systems.


Those speakers are really far too much for the Nova, and a strange choice if you were looking for a well matched system. The 250DR is more capable, but not an ideal match with the Nova. You really should be looking at a NDX2, 282 and 250, or a 222/250.3. Alternatively, and it would be far cheaper, just get the Contour 20 that you really should have got in the first place.

The ability to heat a wire is only casually related to the ability to drive loudspeakers. The reality is, the Nova is no NAP250.

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