Uniti power issue

My Uniti Mk.1 began switching itself on and off after a few seconds, which is unusual.I have recently had it serviced, and decided to try a different power cable, which was working fine, until I switched on this morning, when the problem started.
Then I remembered that there is some movement in the power inlet socket, and moving the socket out from the body slightly seems to have done the trick.
So, I would like to know if this is a known issue, and quite safe, or should I return it to Naim for inspection, please? I will monitor the case and socket for any signs of overheating, just in case.
I know that Naim have their own ideas about movement in certain input sockets, but wasn’t aware of probs with the mains power inlet socket.
All help will be gratefully received.

Hi, the sockets are supposed to wobble. But if you have solved the issue by tweaking the position of the mains socket then I would suggest this is double checked for you, suggest you discuss with your local friendly Naim dealer for possible rma back to Salisbury.

Many thanks, Robert, you have confirmed my suspicions, and I will have another try with my other cable (I think it’s Belden, bought some years ago) and see what happens. I had been listening for the days, without any problems, leaving it switched on to thoroughly heat soak new components, but decided to switch it off last night. Since it was switched on and fully functional this morning, no signs of any overheating have been detected.
I will also check with Naim, and see what they say.
Once again, thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Update. After dropping Naim an email, I tried swapping power leads, ensuring that the socket was pulled slightly away from the case, and, guess what? No problem! Tried twice, with the same result, so it would seem that the issue is with the socket position.
Still, I’ll see what Naim say.
Cheers from a happier listener,

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