Uniti Range - Refresh \ Replacement


For several months now the nova and star have featured on my shortlist of upgrades to my current system and I’m keen to understand if there is refresh or replacement due anytime soon for these units?

Any insights or thoughts on this question are welcomed.


Well it depends on how long “… anytime soon” is. Judging by the lifetime of previous Uniti Products, my guess is that no replacement is likely in the next year or two, but a refresh/version 2 might well appear in, say, the next 5 years. However, this is pure guesswork on my part and the unprecedented times we live in may have affected product development. One thing is sure: no one who really knows will come on here and tell you!


The likelihood of imminent hardware improvements is pretty much nil. Software improvement to eliminate glitches and improve functionality are ongoing. I’d say you could buy either with confidence.

What the others said. Plus, is there anything missing for you in the Nova and Star as they are now? Most of these things would probably be available in some other way. If nothing is missing, why would you care if there is an update :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the responses and points raised. :+1:

As with any considered purchase I was just looking to gather as much info from a variety of sources. :grinning:

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Some of us are hoping for an addition at the top, but no two people seem to agree on what such a “SuperNova” would look like :-/

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