Uniti recap?

Hi, I have a Naim Uniti from 2009. What is the best way to go, recap or buy a nap 200?

/ Bjorn

Seems to be a topic that rarely, if ever gets answered. I too have asked this question with no response. My original Uniti is also similar age, and I have wondered what servicing, or if any, is done for amplifier section. Regardless, mine still sounds great, so…


Ok, good to know! :slight_smile:

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They don’t normally, just for the first post.

Sorry but I don’t know the answer either. I still have my old Uniti. I had it serviced and am sure it came back sounding better but not sure what they did.

Caps should last a long time before needing replacement and 11 years isn’t particularly old for Naim.

Out of interest, did you have yours upgraded for 24/192 streamer upgrade?

It’s not just a matter of economics but also a matter of how much the unit means to you.

For example, few people plan on recapping a UQ or UQ2 because the cost of the recap isn’t much different from the resale value. But if you have a Uniti, and love how it sounds, then why not recap it, give it some TLC and keep it for another decade/indefinitely?

I’m certainly recapping my UQ2 in a few years.

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bought a used nap 200 today, really good! :+1::+1:

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You told the truth? :wink:

Hi! No it is not upgraded to 24/192 streamer, did it made a difference?

yes, I bought a used nap 200 from 2009. The sound gained more power and the soundscape became significantly larger! :+1:

Hi, good thinking! :+1:

Yes, I like the uniti to! :+1:

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I’ve not upgraded either so don’t know but it allows the unit to play higher definition audio files (along with Spotify and other streaming services).

I’ve since bought a Nova so this would’ve been on the list but not now.

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