Uniti serial numbers

I’m thinking of buying a Uniti but ideally I need it to be able to stream Tidal so it needs to be produced after October 2011.

I know that the serial numbers of all Naim devices are listed online but for the device I’m thinking about, all I can tell is that it was made in 2011, not when in 2011…

Is there an easy way to find out exactly when the unit was actually manufactured using the serial number?

Give the Naim factory a call or send them an email with the serial number. They should be able to tell you when it was made.

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If you are able to check the build with the remote or with the Naim app, then the later streamer board shows up as 3D in the version list. This might be handy if it’s the weekend and the factory is closed!

Sadly the unit is a few hundred miles away from me and I’ll struggle to get the seller to unpack it and check!

I’ll give the Naim support line a call when they open later.

Understood! But when you talk to Naim it’s worth asking them not only when it was built but if the later Board was ever added in a service or whatever. Of course if the seller bought it new and doesn’t claim it’s been upgraded then it won’t have been and your question is fully relevant!

There is also an issue with very early Unitis that the firmware upgrade from 3.0 isn’t straightforward, but if it has the later board then that won’t be relevant.



The serial number itself will not tell you for sure, and to tell from the unit itself, as per David’s post above, you need to power it up and check the System Status menu. If the seller can’t be persuaded to do this, maybe better to get the serial number and phone Naim to see if they have a record of the 24/192 streamer board being fitted.

Naim will only have a record if the 24/192 upgrade if it was done at the factory. Sadly dealer, distributor and authorised service agent upgrades are not fed back to Naim HQ.

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