Uniti software update is here!

It will reset the unit to default settings like when you first pulled plugged it in, so you loose your favourites, any added radio stations, changes to input names , max volume level etc.

Fiddlesticks. So is it needed?

I suspect it’s not needed but provides a placebo effect

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If your currently happy then maybe not. It’s recommended though. Mine was really slow after the update a reset fixed it.

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Hi Gents,

We’ve been following this thread at Naim HQ with interest.

Any software update large or small can cause system disruptions - a high quality Hifi system can be a very delicate thing and in some installs it only needs a few grains of rice on the ‘wrong side’ of the scales to upset the balance.

On the v3.2 release it was quite a big software update, with the big hitters like Airplay2, DAB/FM, External UPnP gapless (Audirvana etc) and then misc library updates + a soak up of bugs reported since v2.6.1. One of the areas that delayed the release was in the sound tuning as each change does influence the voicing of the product and then we tweak things to where the listening team are happy that we are equal or better off than the last version. Naturally this can be a subjective matter, but we spend a very long time aiming to get it right and all tuning is purely electrical noise floor related which is incredibly hard to measure & correlate to system performance. All DSP related processing (oversampling filters etc) are identical on each release and the full digital chain is bit perfect.

At Naim we want you to be happy with your system and if this release is really not for you, then please feel free to contact our helpdesk and they will talk you through on reverting for v2.6.1. We would prefer to get to the bottom of the issue though, as older code versions will gain functional issues as time goes by (compatibility with iOS/Android apps + misc streaming services). Consider it only as a short term workaround, or way to diagnose if the upgrade was the issue or its actually another factor.

As usual, if you would like to contact me privately, my door is always open, so pop in for a chat if needed (steve.harris (at) naimaudio.com ). Naturally, use the support teams first as they they have most the answers and solutions to hand.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director


I want to share my opinion on the unity series.
For me, there has been a considerable improvement over the sound quality. I see the experience as a package and the musical feeling is at the top. I simply got more presence and much more natural behavior of all instruments. Some people find that the middle register has taken over … I disagree. The base is always present when it really exists. The separation is at the highest level.
You are allowed to correct my English as it is a direct translation on Google.
My system:
Naim Uniti Nova
Naim Allae
Chord Epic Reference 2x3 m
Shunyata research python powercord

Vladimir / Sweden


I am happy with the latest firmware, I did say from the get go i sounded better.

That said i recall the first firmware change where i was very vocal and disliked it, Naim offered the old firmware, but after a while I got frustrated with not having the latest fixes and features and just went with 2.6.1

I can understand why it can be polarising, as for me your system is usually well tuned to the room, so a change can be :thinking:

I guess we all need to suck it up and realise in the brave new streaming world, that evolves with features and functions, Naim have a hard task to maintain the sound / improve.

@Richard.Dane hi, is a factory reset via the menu, or as someone added on image talking about removing cables also.

Naim recommend disconnect speaker cables, then pull mains lead to depower. Reconnect power while holding the power and favourites buttons until start up wizard kicks in.


Thank you for taking the time to comment and explain here, I think it is much appreciated by everybody.

Personally I have also noticed a subtle change in sound signature on my Uniti Atom, but I am happy with it.

Since you are following this thread: What is best place to report small bugs or make feature request for future software updates?

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Thanks I’ve always gone via the menu, interesting so after unplugging, resetting, assume need to power off and then reply the speaker cables …

Yes thats what it says on their help menu, tried it when i had a Nova. Might be best you check yourself…as it takes it back to factory settings.

@mindgarp if you have any bugs to report or feature requests, can you please raise these through the Naim support team and they’ll raise internal tickets here at Naim to look into these. Thanks

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Surely if I do a factory reset then I wold lose the Music store on my eternal Hard drive and have to format it to be set up as a store
If that happens I would have to load all my cd’s again.
I hope someone can tell me I am wrong please

Presumably the external HD is connected via one of the USB inputs? Just unplug it and all will be fine when you connect it again. It was fine with my Atom.


As badlyread says, but anyway I’m sure that a factory reset doesn’t delete any music stores or shares even if you leave them attached during the reset process.



Yes it’s a Naim forum but primarily user to user in the sense that fellow users will tend to answer rather than Naim support staff.

Great to see Steve Harris’ response, and while the team does undoubtedly look at some threads I’d still assume that is far from the norm for most posts.

Tried as the e manual, got the psychedelic screen first was unsure if to keep hold or let go, but go NO setup wizard, so tried a second time but held until homescreen but again NO setup wizard.

Gave up and just used the menu factory reset, but so far had two force close issues followed by send report to Naim ???

Exactly the same issues I found earlier.
The instructions on the Naim website are completely useless in this respect.
Like you, I ended up doing the reset from the Settings menu.

That’s how I’ve always done it in the past.