Uniti star Analog input and blow noise

I have a Denon X4700h for home theater.
While i have bought the uniti star i linked them together from front pre-out on the AVC to the Analog Input 1 (rca) to the Naim.
While i swith naim input to Analog1 there is a blow/noise very disturbing.
The noise still there even if i turn off the AVC.
My speakers are Focal Aria 946 for info.

If someone can help me understanding why or even how to reduce/remove this noise.
Thanks to all the community for reading me :wink:

What happens to the noise if you change the ground switch setting ?

Hi james,
Your are my savior !
There is still some noise but i can’t ear it when i stand into my sofa.
I must stick my ear to the speaker to ear a really acceptable blow.

Thank you for the clue :wink:

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