Uniti Star analogue input connections

Did anyone who has used the analogue inputs notice any improvement using the Din socket over the RCA connection, please?
I understand that Naim prefer Din, but cables don’t seem very cheap.
But, if there’s a definite improvement it’ll be worth it.

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Can’t help with the preference, but DIN cables don’t have to be so expensive. E.g. you can order the whole “Bridges & Falls” series from Audioquest with DIN termination, that’s already 8 cables to choose from between € 50 and € 1200. (I have the Sydney RCA/DIN for Aria > 252). I am sure there are many more fro Chord, Witchhat and others

I have both, the same cable, same length from Flashback. I can’t tell the difference.

Then again, I can’t tell the difference between firmware versions, ethernet cables etc. either, so perhaps the issue is my ears…

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Thanks, n-lot, I’m using a Flashback RCA-RCA phono input to my Uniti1, but don’t think they’re still selling / making cables since Dave died? I looked at Audioquest, and Chord, too, but prices rocket upwards, quite quickly.
My ears aren’t audiophile quality, but I can detect changes, so curiosity dictates that I might get an improvement using the DIN input on the Star, when I get it.
Happen I’ll wait until I have the Star up and running, before too long h1opefully, Covid allowing, then reassess.

Blue Jeans can make you one on request. I once inquired, but never got it because I wanted a white mantle one and they only could do it with their MSA-1 which is black.

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