Uniti star and B & W 805 D3

The upgrade bug strikes! Very happy with the Uniti Star but planning on changing my Focal Chora 806 speakers (sound good but would like a bit more bass). Has anyone heard the B & W 805 D3 using the Uniti Star.

Don’t know if it helps, but I’m very happy with the 702s2 on the end of a Star.

The 805 really warrants significantly better electronics than the Star. I wouldn’t spend much more than £2,000 on speakers to go with it. If you like the Focal sound then some of their floorstanders might suit. If you want to stick with stand mount speakers then ProAc’s DB1 or DB3 would be worth a look. The sound of speakers is very dependent on their position in the room so there is scope to experiment.

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I think that’s just silly. Listen, and if it works, it works. Yes, the system might be a bit unbalanced, so in the future you could consider better electronics, but if you’re not considering changing the lot and are just buying speakers why not get the best you can afford?


I have 804D3s and had them paired with a Nova - I like the floor standers better for front speakers - there is a big price delta though. They were arguably too much for the system, but I was OK with it because I planned to do more at some point. I’ve recently upgraded to a Supernait 3 which makes much more of the abilities of the speakers. Have had a nearly 4 happy years with them with them paired with the Nova. The SN3 is also miles better with my turntable than the Nova was - which was one of the driving factors even though it meant another box.

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HH is absolutely right. I have 805D3s but on the end of 282/HCDR/200DR with NDX2/XPSDR and I am sure they have more to give through further upgrades. A Uniti Star would not I feel get the best out of them.


Ithe 805D3 is very revealing speaker with quite a lot of resolution and an equally big price tag.

It’s easily an end game speaker… but there’s are other speakers at much much lower cost which will be compatible with your Nova and are more rhythmic

As HH says I would upgrade to a focal chord 826 which I have heard with a Nova and sounded great to me

Thanks for the info. I know the electronics will then be the weak point but the speakers I get will not be replaced so I am aiming high. Also am limited to standmounts. Basically if they sound good then that is the point. Auditioning them in person involves a 90 minute flight each way (Australia is a big country). Next step would be a NAP 250. Powerline lite not an option as they are not sold here. I also know the NAP 250 is probably overboard but again it would not be replaced. In the early 80’s had a full Linn / Naim system (cost more than my house) and loved it.

the 805D3 is a very fine standmount - but it has a certain sound, and… I do like that sound very much.

I used to own the 805S and I regret selling it very much, and the price of the new 805D3 is quite high, so it’s not something I can justify.

Please let us know how you get on.

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Flying to Sydney in June so I will be checking out the Uniti Star with the 805 D3 and also the addition of a NAP 250 to the mix. Trying to get an XLR to RCA cable made up at the moment.

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Last time I auditioned speakers involved 2 boats (best part of 7 hours combined), and over 800 miles of driving, trying 5 speakers in 3 different places… And I live in the British Isles!

Lots of almost substantiated rumour that there’s a new 800 series due this year, so either get a deal or be careful of timing.

Started with 805 D3s on the end of an old style Uniti. Worked but deserved better.

How about a subwoofer?

New 805? they only came out about 4 years ago. Seems a bit early in the product cycle.

No room. This setup is in the kitchen. Actually have a Quad sub in the bedroom but only use it for putting my dressing gown on! Joys of living in a small house. If only the other half would give up the formal dining room…

Who says people who love HiFi are a bit mad.

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I would still go for the Dynaudio special 40

Agreed. We bought ours just after launch in Nov15 and was expecting a ten year lifespan as a current model based on the previous 800 ranges. After much ‘gossip’ in the B&W FB group and considering going to 803 D3s I asked a dealer a hypothetical question and they as good as said they are on thier way but they haven’t been officialy told yet. I’m normally one not to pay too much attention to this stuff but I would proceed with caution. Still a great speaker, just make sure you get a great price. :slight_smile:

IIRC the D range seems to have run to about 5 year cycles. 805D around end of 2005, 805D2 early 2011, 805D3 in 2015.

Ah, interesting, thanks. My mistake then when originally purchasing and all the more credibility to the rumours. Apparently due to be launched last year but interrupted due to pandemic.