Uniti Star and Naim Iota speakers, are they a good match

I am thinking of changing my 20 year old Castle Stirling 3 speakers which sound fine for some Neat Iota Alphas or Explorers.
Does anyone have this set up and can give me some comments please. In my set up they will need to be about 15cm max from the wall.

I look forward to comments or suggestions

H Proterra

I had the similar combo, a Naim Uniti Nova and Neat Xplorers and really liked the pairing. In my setup, the speakers are about 6.5 ft (200cm) apart and less than 1ft (about 20cm) from the rear walls firing straight out. My couch is about 7 ft from the speakers. I really liked how Neat and Naim match well. They create a wonderful soundstage and image. The isobaric configuration does produce more than enough bottom end for my liking and the AMT tweeters present some lovely highs. It can be somewhat perceived as bright but I found that it really depends on the material. I was looking for a speaker that would allow me place it close to the rear wall and liked the odd form. Have had them for well over a year. I have since sold my Nova but still use my Xplorers with my new kit and very happy. Some have experimented with placing the tweeters on the inside for less treble, I’ve not done this but did add Track Audio decoupling floor protectors help tighten things up. They help define a slightly better bass and more focus. I have wooden floors in an older apt.

If you are also considering bookshelves, the Neat Ministra are also surprisingly very musical, can be placed very close to the rear wall and also offer lots of bass with their isobaric configuration. If I reconfigure my listening space and downsize, the Minstra would be on the top of my list to consider. However, they run at 4 ohms, so your Star will work a little harder if you like to play at loud levels.

I should add, the tiny Iotas are very good and would be a nice choice if you are going to be closer to your speakers. They are fun, detailed speakers but if you want some added bass and higher level of detail, their bigger brother, the Xplorers would be a better fit.

Thanks for that advice.

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