Uniti Star - Can’t find my connected USB hard drive

Just brought the Star few days ago, done the initial set up with connected a 2T USB hard drive for ripping CDs.

Initially everything was fine but after wake up from standby mode, select the USB input and the display show “no device is connected “

However, the ripping of CDs still working as I checked from my notebook computer, all the ripped files are there.

Anyone has this issue before & how can I listen to the music in my USB drive with Star?

I don’t have a Star so can’t say whether anyone has met this, but someone will come along and reveal all. In the meantime the two things I would suggest trying to get it to work is 1) unplug and plug in again the USB HD. And 2) restart the Star (not just into network sleep but into deep sleep or even power right off).


If I understand correctly you suggest it did originally work until it went to standby and woke.

What make and how is it formatted? Some drives will potentially ‘go to sleep’ and that could be a reason it’s not seen immediately but you’d expect it to appear once it started up.

Did you try front or rear USB? Have you tried the other?

I assume this is a ‘portable’ size USB drive - most these days will run fine powered from a single USB port, some older ones might have had higher power requirements - a clue would have been a lead with 2 USB connections at the ‘computer’ end - one for power/data, the other for extra power.

I have a Nova and there is a setting which uses a bit more power in standby to act as a network server of attached USB media - if this is not on by default I’d consider enabling it to see if it gives more stability.

Not the power issue because it works well for starting.

The strange thing is the star ripped the CDs properly (since i checked by connection with my notebook)but can‘t find it now for USB input

If your USB drive is set as a “music store” (i.e. was formatted by the Star, and you’ve been ripping to it from the Star), then it should show up under the “Servers” input now, not the USB input.

If you have a USB drive full of rips from elsewhere, and that drive hasn’t been “set up” in the manage music part of the app, as a music store, then it should navigate from the USB input part of the app.


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