Uniti Star cd eject

Hi folks,
I know this is a daft question but I have read the instruction folder paper.
How do I eject a CD from a Uniti Star, just normally, not wanting to resort to a bent paperclip as the naim help page suggests lol

The paper clip in the hole method is oretty standard for slot loading drives, just do it! You can also try a restart.

@Richard.Dane there seems to be a steady trickle of posts asking for support appearing in this room. Perhaps it needs renaming? Especially as the forum is not quite as ‘new’ as it was…

Several eject options…

Using front panel, just hold the “play/pause” button for a few seconds (2 to 3 from memory) and the disc will eject.

You can do the same with the “play/pause” button on the remote.

Using the remote you can also press the Home button, then navigate to the CD logo, press OK, and you’ll have a menu of options including play, rip & eject that you can select from.

Hope this helps



Standard for a stuck disc but he just wants to eject a disc that is in there because it’s been playing and not being ripped…

The on-line manual is completely silent on this action!


Thanks all, the problem was the Star didn’t even register having a CD loaded. I just had to reset and it ejected it on stat-up.
Naim owners are great !

Hi Richard,
I agree with you, I tried searching by model and arrived here as a last resort.
New sites always need adjusting over time so it’s no problem :+1:t2:

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