Uniti Star CD operation following the firmware update

It seems that the way the Uniti Star handles CDs has been changed in the latest firmware update.

For one thing, if I switch on the Star when there is a CD still in the player, it used to eject the CD. This is sensible behaviour, IMO. Now, it starts playing the CD from the beginning. I assume this was changed in the recent firmware update, because I don’t think I have changed any settings.

I think the old behaviour is much more sensible. If I leave a CD in the machine when it switches to standby mode, I don’t want it to start playing the disc automatically when I switch it on again. I want the CD to be ejected, so that I can play whatever I want to listen to now.

Also, if I eject a playing CD by holding down the play/pause button on the remote, the playback stutters (pause, then play, then pause again) before ejecting the CD. I’m having to do this more in order to eject CDs that I’ve left in the machine (see above). The combination of the CD starting automatically, then pause-play-pause, is quite irritating.

I’m not sure whether the second issue is new or whether I’m just noticing it more because of the play-on-startup problem.

Is anyone else seeing this behaviour? Have I missed a setting option somewhere?

Perhaps Naim could fix this with a point update of the Star firmware?

Best thing is to email Naim or talk to dealer. Naim do not monitor every posting on the forum.

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