Uniti Star CD Playback In Strange Track Order

Many of the CDs I’ve played on this system seem to start with track one, and then select a random track. I’m listening to a disc this morning and it played track 1, then track 22 (of 23) and then back to track 8. Is there a fix for this? The tracks play from end to end without skipping during the individual tracks, but I want the CD to play from end to end rather than ‘Random Play’. Is there a function I’m missing? Thank you.

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On the “now playing” screen in the Naim app, the “random” button (intertwined arrows) should be bright/highlighted (located bottom left on my iPad). Just touch it and it should become subdued. That should cure it.


You can also change it to play the CD once, or continuous play, or random tracks.

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This fixed my problem. I usually use the remote, and not the app - so I got it now! :slight_smile: Thanks.

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It’s funny, really, I downsized my system to one box, only to find I now have to use two control devices.

I hardly ever use the remote with my Star, just the App

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