Uniti Star CD player noisy during playback

When playing a CD I am annoyed by the noise the CD player makes while spinning. As I can hear it at 5 meters distance and even through music (esp if music is at lower volumes < 25) I guess this is either a faulty device or something that others would experience as well. In an earlier thread I read a reviewer experienced the same. I compared the spinning noise to other devices like a 30 years old Philips 373 player and a ‘cheaper’ Arcam solo, or a Sony DVD player, and the spinning noise is far less on all these devices. I am esp. aware, when I pauze the CD and notice that the noise disappears after around 20 seconds. I read somewhere here that spinning speed is limited to 10 x during playback, so why not lowering this even further. CD have pretty good redundancy, so reading much in advance is not really needed while live playing.

Sounds faulty, talk to your dealer.

I never play from CD but during ripping on my Star it can get pretty loud. What you are experiencing may not be a faulty device but the drive spinning up. Spinning at 10x, especially with a slightly unbalanced disc, would probably be audible.

ok, still, out of nostalgia, I prefer inserting a cd and play it ( I hope nothing wrong with nostalgia as LP are alive as well) . In another tread (Unit Star CD noise - #9 by Mozart2001) I read that David Price reported this as well in a review. The mechanic noise is far more audible then the noise on the speakers made by the amplifier. Naim does an excellent job in reducing the electronic noise and then neglects the audible noise by the mechanics. With my 50 year old ears I can easily hear the CD player at 8 meter distance ; esp when the noise is dropped when pauzing the disc it is really a relief of an anyoing hum and ~1KHz noise. I would hope that Naim can lower the spinning speed from 10x to e.g. 1x or 2x , cf the remark of SW dir Steve Harris in the other tread (current spinning speed during playback is 10x). Would anyone allow to hear the spinning noise of a high end turntable ?

Can’t blame you, if it makes a similar noise it does while ripping it would certainly affect the music enjoyment.

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