Uniti Star CD ripping problem

I’ve been successfully using my Uniti Star to rip my CD collection to FLAC flies onto an attached Transcend 2TB usb external drive.

Suddenly the Star is telling me: ‘No music store is configured or the store is full’ and refusing to rip anything else.

This is despite the drive still having 943 GB available according to the Star itself and I’ve also checked that on my PC.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Not had this problem as despite having a Uniti Star I use a NAS drive and everything is ripped via the computer. However, have you tried the magic thing that works so often with computerised equipment… i.e. completely powering down by turning off and removing mains plugs and waiting a minute or so and plugging back in and powering up? It seems to solve quite a lot of problems.

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I’ve never had this problem with my Star, Is it since the latest firmware update. If so contact Will at Naim.
I always have a back up of my ripped CD’s on my computer as well. Not just in case but my wife and I have music on memory sticks in our cars.

I’ve tried unplugging the unit without success. Wondering whether to try a factory reset next. I’ve never known such an expensive piece of kit run on such flaky software. I’ve had nothing but issues regarding the display and various settings issues since I bought it - even the clock won’t tell the right time! :joy:

If it didn’t sound so bloody good, I’d have got rid of it by now.

It’s certainly worth trying a factory reset I would say. It’s a shame you are having so much trouble. If that doesn’t work it sounds like it needs full medical attention from Naim.

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