Uniti Star CD won’t rip

I’m a relative newbie here and am having a CD ripping difficulty.

I am having a problem ripping a CD with my Uniti Star using a USB stick connected to rear of unit. Lots of space left in it. I Have copied numerous CDs without problem however this one particular CD will not rip. During rip process there is no progress information displayed and it takes much longer than normal. When finished the Star only indicates one track has ripped and does not play when I try.

The CD is new and plays fine when simply playing it. Any suggestions to resolve this?


When I had a Star, I had few discs that would rip badly or not at all. I have an Auralic with a hard drive now and those same discs ripped badly or not at all. I think your machine is ok. There are a few percent of discs that just won’t rip properly.

Thanks for that info.

What is the CD (details) and is it RedBook standard or does it have some copy protection or other crap on it?

The CD is Powder Blues - Firsdt Decade / Greatest Hits. Don’t know re copy protection and Red Book details.


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