Uniti Star connection to REL subwoofer Low Level

Hi All, I am after some advice please. I have sent Naim support a question but I think they are behind on support cases and emailing out responses.
I recently had a demo with the Uniti Atom and Kef LS50 Meta, whilst waiting for delivery I decided to change the Atom for the Star. Very pleased with the result. My room isn’t large(converted dining room into Study)and I was pleased with the sound, had them for a few weeks now and getting run in and sounding great…however…even though the Metas are close to the wall(20cm) I wanted to get a bit more bass feeling especially as I use the ARC connection for the Xbox into the Star.
I reviewed the subs and got it down to two REL’s TX/5 and /7. I purchased the TX/7. They provide a high level connection which is supposed to connect to the speaker outputs at the amp but after reading some forums it is not recommended to do this on Naim equipment as it is over sensitive. You can buy a special balanced ‘Blue’ cable from REL @ £500.00 which is excessive or third party @ £80. So in the meantime I decided to use the Low-Level Pre-Out connection from the Star directly to the single input on the REL(it only has one single Sub Low Level input on the REL). So single RCA cable connected directly into ‘Right’ connection at the Star Pre out to single sub input. This got me thinking that I should be connecting to both L&R at the pre-out. Surely I should have L&R converted into single RCA to plug into sub. I realise sub base is mono but not sure at what frequency this is mono. If you set your crossover at 100Hz then surely you are creeping into the stereo signal world and thus need L&R at pre out to ensure you are not missing anything. I purchased a Y RCA cable which takes L&R into single RCA. It works and sounds OK but is this correct? Is it damaging to the Star?
Thanks for any helpful advice.

I would just use the high level connection as per Rel’s recommendation. Either take it from the loudspeaker end, or get the Naim modified cable and use it from the amp end depending on which is more convenient for your room layout.


Hi Marty, nice setup you have there. I have my Kef KC62 sub just with a single RCA cable connected to the Star. From the right-pre-amp port I believe. It’s working fine. I had the same question, but my dealer told me that a singel RCA-cable is juste fine. Since the sub just delivers the low frequencies (hard to determine the direction) left/right is less of an issue. You can connect a second sub onto the other RCA-out if you wish.

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Connect it High Level like they recommend.

While I’m waiting for my Bassline Blue cable with stackable banana plugs (to connect it to my Uniti Star) this is how I connected the Rel T9X to the back of my speaker cabinet with the cable that cames with the woofer (works like a charm)

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Also I can let you know if there’s any difference with this and connecting it with the custom Bassline Blue Naim cable. All I can say at this point is that it works really well like this as well, and if I would have double woofers I would probably just stick to this approach instead of connecting the subs to the amp

@Marty1964 if you end up going with High Level. The cable from designacable.com works really well and this is how it connects to the speaker ports with those stackable plugs

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Great info thanks very much. Still using the low level for now. It took about 4 weeks to get the right setting for most music but happy at the moment.

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