Uniti Star Display dead

On switching on my Unit Star this morning, the display remained black and displayed nothing! Using the remote and the app on my iPad i have determined all functions are working other than not having any display. Tried rebooting ( un plugging mains supply) and also reset to factory settings but still the display is unresponsive. My current firmware is V3.8 so I have the latest I believe.
Does any one have any fixes or suggestions to have the display resume operation?


You have done all the logical things, so it looks as if it’s broken. Best to speak to your dealer. What a nuisance.

Thanks for the reply, yes that too is my conclusion! I have now also contacted Naim on the customer support site and have a registered ticket awaiting a response.
I’ll post their response and suggested way forward to have the unit back to normal.
Thanks again for the reply.

So 3 weeks later and the `Uniti Star is back and now display working correctly. Naim indicated a faulty P800 part as being the culprit. I used SevenOaks sound and vision in Yeovil to return the unit to Naim and they have been so good and helpful. A big thank you to them.
Just as a note, the “Ticket” response made from Naim at the time of the fault being reported not them, still goes unanswered, they can repair items quicker than responding via email!

I would guess that the support email is probably swamped. As ever, with a fault or issue such as this it’s best to go via your dealer. Glad you got it sorted.

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