Uniti star display disapear after upgrade to 3.70 firmware

Hi Community
I upgraded the firmware of my Uniti Star to 3.70 but then the display screen never came back.
I hoped that a new version would solve the issue and i upgraded to 3.71 (5275), but the display remains black …
Anyone else facing this issue ? I already sent 2 emails to the support without any answer. Did any of you managed to fix this ?
Thanks in advance

What email address did you use for Naim? It should be support@naimaudio.com

The Unitisupport email address has been retired.

It may take a while for Naim support to reply as they are very busy following all the firmware updates and anyway they stop fir the weekend at 5.30 on Friday. But you should get a ticket number by auto response.

One thing you might try is a factory reset of your Star. You can easily Google it if you don’t already know how to do it.

OK thanks, i will try to factory reset …
(i did send an email to the right adress and got a ticket number …)

Good luck. It often takes Naim weeks to follow up tickets. Anyway report back here and maybe someone can help.

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Just so you know, you are not alone. There is another thread on this topic in the forum, and a couple of us are in the same boat as you with a dark display, which occurred immediately after installing 3.70. Neither of the two firmware updates since that one has fixed my issue. The latest I tried was 3.8.0 (5355), just tonight. No change. It’s pretty depressing.

Here’s the other thread: Latest FW and App update for Uniti Star and Mu-So Qb - #44 by mathomas

Same here. Update done but still no display.
I have been in contact with after sales who confirmed a hardware issue and is OK to fix it
It will take some time and no music during the shipment and repair period… but seems not much of a choice.

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