Uniti Star Display Disappears after Firmware Upgrade

Generally, I have understanding for minor failure. For me the Nova, Atom and new streamer generation are the most complex streamers on the market (Airplay2!, Chromecast, changing standard like Tidal integrated, HDMI, color display). This requires a lot of development. I remeber, T+A was not able for long time to develop an acceptable app or to implement any music service (Airplay until now not available) because they are more carefully with new standards. The high level of functionality must not go unmentioned either. And the prices are not so high than other brands.

However, who loves his device, he can be patient :kissing_heart:.

luckily my dealer has been nothing but helpful and we are swapping novas this weekend to see if its my network or nova- cant ask for more…

Mmmm. I think that statement will be the start of a fair bit of debate.
If you wish to have a look at the ‘To Switch Or Not To Switch’ thread you will gain some insight of the forum members’ views on said switch.

Well I got home this evening after the Nova been in standby all day, switched on and no frozen screen despite it been frozen before I left this morning, sounding rather splendid too. Let’s see how long it lasts!

Same here. Since the update, my uniti atom freezes periodically after like 1h of listening of roon. Roon is still working but screen freezes to black or on homescreen, with no way to interact with it (with buttons or remote). Only way is to reboot it (press a few seconds the power button). Then it goes back to normal until next freeze!

Naim tell me that they are looking into the issue of display freeze as a priority.

3rd day in and all is well. No response from Naim yet.

I do hope so, there appears to be many users affected by this.

Certainly it appears from this thread that some are. But conversely it also seems that many aren’t, so it’s worth considering overall perspective - the forum tends to distort perspective because most with an issue tend to come to post here. However, I know that Naim want to find out why it is so and fix.

Just a thought to anyone having problems.
Are you using cable or wifi for your network connection?

Cable…, I’ve swapped my nova with one from dealer so we can pinpoint the nova or my network

How’s it going?

It’s only been in a few hours but no hiccup with the display. Let’s see when it’s been in standby all night as that seemed to trigger the lock up.,

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You are lucky. I’m on cable but my display is gone for 80% of the time. I can only use the app as control, remote also not responsive then. I’m getting tired of this. This is already for quite some time now. wonder if they are working on a bugfix, and hopefully also on their test process because how is it possible that this passes any quality test ?

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Can I make a guess ( based on my experience) and a suggestion that you try wifi rather than cable. Not saying its going to work any better but my experience/experiments so far point towards a cable ethernet connection causing the problems. No guarantees either way but what have you got to lose. :+1:

Another day and all ok. 4 in a row. The only change I made was to my switch as detailed earlier. #51

As an update my dealers nova locked on home screen thus afternoon after being on standby all day. I didn’t have to do a full pier off to sort tho, just soft power off and it was ok. So it seems something with my modem or switch or cabling is upsetting the nova on occasion. Do they perform some kind of handshake on power up?
Gonna give it a few more days to be sure

Its a bummer. They do of course handshake on power up and intermittently even when you are not playing anything. Im not sure if they handshake occasionally when in sleep mode, some networking components do, some don’t. Naim should be able give a definitive answer. What I can say is my switch port led shows as ‘active’ when in sleep mode. That would lead me to suspect that it does but I can’t be sure.
I’m trying to think of things for you to try and the only suggestions I have is to either connect direct to your router (bypassing the switch) or maybe try wifi. If you have another switch or router try a swap.
We are (I think) starting to narrow down the issue down to networking, all that remains is to find a fix that works. This could be different for each and every user depending on what other network stuff they have.
I’m theorising again and wondering if Naim have changed the coding for the network protocol for some reason.

This only occurred since the firmware upgrade so that’s no coincidence. Mine only seems to lock when I have screen set to off so it seems perhaps to be related to the screen off during playback option that was implemented in the firmware upgrade

Interesting reply. Mine used to lock if the screen was set to on or off.
We are making guesses at the moment. Who knows what Naim wrote into the firmware, they’re not likely to tell us.
I have written to them and not received a reply, others have.