Uniti star display - keep on?

Hi again
I bought the Uniti Star and also upgraded my Innuos to the Zen Mini Mk3. Great set up and I’m very happy with the sound/useabliity cf Uniti 2 with Zen Mk2
One little quibble (I have checked the forum for an answer before daring to post :-). When I stream a track via the naim app , the track info will only stay on the Star display for c. 5 seconds then it reverts to the artwork (or music symbol if there is no artwork) whilst the track is playinh
Is there a way to keep the track info showing on the Star display? It does, of course, continue to show in the app on my iphone but it would be nice to see the track info on the Uniti display
I thought this may be a screensaver for the Uniti display but in that case why would it keep showing the artwork?

It’s not possible to keep the track info on display. Unless you have serious issues with short term memory, it really shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for the advice, if not the final sentence…

The short answer, as already provided by @hungryhalibut, is: you can’t. It’s a UI design decision taken by Naim to always go back to the full artwork. It’ll only (briefly) switch to track info when e.g. you’re in close proximity of the display, or when you press the “now playing” button on the remote, or manually switch tracks. If you have a dog, you could train it to move close to your Star’s display whenever you want to see the track info. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This a big gripe that use cannot control this. I personally cannot understand this. Generally the layout an operation of the display is a let down. Paid for and not useful.

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It is certainly frustrating, the front display is not user-friendly to my mind

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