Uniti Star DLNA render stopped working after firmware upgrade


I have Jriver used as a streaming server. I was able to play music and control Uniti Star from Jriver.

After I have updated the firmware at Uniti Star. I am not able to play anything from Jriver at Uniti Star anymore.

If I am using the Naim app on an android device, I can access the Jriver server as UPNP device and I can stream the music. The is not good at all to browse my music library as I do from Jriver itself.

What should I do to control the Uniti Star from the Jriver again?

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There was a similar thread on that.


Jun '20

Maybe @Blacknote or Robert H could help you.

I saw that @robert_h could resolve the problem. He will probably respond when available.

As @frenchrooster said, I had few issues in thes past that have been solved.

Now I’m using JRiver 24 and firmware 3.4. I’m not sure that I can give you a proper help, however did you check your settings in JRiver and in the Uniti Star? Do you intend to control your Uniti Star from your computer with JRiver?
Maybe you just need a simple reset and a fresh configuration to make it work.

I usually control my NDX 2 with JRiver from my PC or I use the Naim App from an Adroid tablet.

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Thank you Blacknote, for your reply. I did a fresh installation of Jriver while I was upgrading to version 28. But still, I cannot control the playback at Naim from My computer.

I am able to connect to Jriver Server from the Naim app on Android, but browsing my library from the Naim app is a painful task that kills the joy of listening to music.

all this happened when upgraded the firmware at Naim Unity to the latest version.

everything was working fine before, I was able to control the Uniti Star from any computer has Jriver installed.

Welcome, can you see your Uniti Star in the left corner where there’s the device list?
I do wonder if something was reset with the installation of the new firmware. If you can control it from the Naim App, there’s surely a way to solve this and you need a bit of patience.
Do you basically click “play” on the album and you hear nothing? What does happen exactly?

Yes @Blacknote, that is exactly what happens. I press play but I hear nothing, and the progress bar does not move.

When I play something from the Naim app on Android which is streamed from the Jriver server, I can see the track selected at the Jriver computer app. So this means Jriver at my computer can see what is going on at Unitistar, but cannot control it.

In JRiver, under media network/advanced, is DLNA controller ticked? That’s the option to allow controlling the Uniti Star from JRiver. At this point it might be a problem with JRiver settings. Or you have to change the DLNA settings in the Uniti Star.

Agreed, please confirm jriver is set up like this JRiver media server not accessible from Naim app - #2 by robert_h

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I am really sorry to not reply for the past few days.I was really busy with life issues and did not have the chance to set and try, even to reply. Thank you all for your kind replies and for taking the time to help me to figure out a solution.

Just yesterday I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version 23 Sep 2021. I will try again and see what will happen.

again thank you all very much for your great kind support

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