Uniti Star enough power for Monitor Audio Silver 300 speakers?

I currently use a Roksan K3 integrated amp (150 watts, 8 ohms) with my MA Silver 300s and they pair superbly.

I’m considering getting a Star to replace the K3 and wonder if the 70 watts are enough for my Silver 300s which on the spec sheet state they require 70-200 watts.

Thoughts? Will I suffer a degrade in sound quality?

I’ve the silver 200 which on paper say 60w minium amp. they are perfectly fine with my atom rated as 40w. I was quite surprised at how much the bass improved so id day the star will be fine with the 300s

I have the MA Silver 8 which are the same and a older generation of 300, I had used with Roksan Caspian m2 which have 85 watts @ 8 ohms and 130 watts @ 4 ohms and now currently using Supernait 3, both are high current amplifiers which matters the most and BTW MA Silver 8’s are rated at 4 Ohms. I don’t think you will have any issue as the 300’s are rated at 8 Ohms and are easy to drive.

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