Uniti Star flashing standby light


I just plugged the Star (Sunday was the last time I had used the player), it boots up to the home screen with the standby light flashing constantly. What is also curios is that I can see the player trough the Naim app (I even changed the name of the unity, nevertheless I can see any entrance. Even Spotify sees the Star, I can connect it but nothing plays).

I’ve tried factory resetting it but it doesn’t respond to any of the buttons also the Naim isn’t illuminated.

Please don´t tell to bring it to Naim, I live in South america, I have a good seller but no support.

Any thoughts? Is there a way to hard reboot the Star?

Could try a factory reset of the Atom , its on the website. Essentially you depower the Star, then replug and hold the Play/Pause/Input buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds…then it should reset itself.

Do leave it powered down for 5 mins before doing the reset

Thanks, but its the first thing I tried… I follow the process and left it for the whole night, nothing happened. Power button keeps blinking. :sleepy::sleepy:

Have you contacted Naim support yet?

Will do it now… My experience with them has always been bad but it seems I have no other real choice.

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