Uniti (Star) HDMI-ARC and Samsung TV - Problem

I have encountered a problem with the new HDMI-settings in Firmware 3.4.0. One of the big new features is to automatically selected the HDMI-ARC setting. I have set it first, to “Every Output”. It worked fine for a while, but when I turned of my Samsung QLED 90R with its remote, the Uniti Star turned off as well, however, with the Standby-button flashing slowly. I restart was required. The same problem occurs if I choose “HDMI-Output”. If I turn the feature off, the Uniti is not affected at all.

I really enjoyed the new feature and I wonder what exactly the problem might be. Has anybody else been able re replicate this bug?


Have you contacted Naim support yet? If not, I would definitely recommend you do so.

I did. Let’s see what will happen.

The answer is in:

"Part of the HDMI system is HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). This allows one product to control another. In practice different TV manufacturers have implemented HDMI CEC differently and added additional functions. Because of this it is not possible to 100% guarantee that all functions will work. We do test a range of TV’s from the large manufacturers, Samsung being one. But TV’s produced in one factory can behave differently to TV’s produced in another. Plus it is not possible for us to test non UK models. We are continually checking new models as they become available. But it is not possible to test all. With each software update we do try to improve the HDMI CEC compatibility.

My advice would be in the app to switch off the HDMI Auto Switching (CEC Control), and to manually switch the unit on and select the HDMI input. Checking after the next software update if the HDMI CEC function has improved for your TV."

I guess that’s what I have to do.

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