Uniti Star & Home Theater Bypass

Posted this in the Hi-Fi Board but thought it might be better here - want to use the Star as the front two channels for My Anthem 720

Take a look at this thread:


The alternative would be for example the supernait which has a true av bypass option.

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Thanks for looking - I just asked Naim themselves and got this answer - so hopefully solved

You’ll need to go from your AV units output into the Analogue 1 (RCA) input of the Star, then, in the App go into settings, input settings, analogue 1, then select AV bypass (fixed AV). You can then use your speakers through the Star. And control the volume by the AV unit.

Take note of the remarks in the linked thread ref the fixed volume. I have no knowledge whether that issue has been resolved.

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Oh Dear…there is a fix for it, there is the AV Bypass option but it results in a terrible hum - with or without the AV amp (which I used this feature very successfully on before with a Moon 240i)

Any bright ideas - same issue as


Works perfectly fine on my Atom had zero issues since they fixed the bug I found, it’s connected up to my Arcam AV all the time and no 100% volume any more. They fixed it really quickly I have to say. You may need to change the ground switch to avoid any hum though.

Good News! Was the bug in your unit or software? What does changing the Ground switch mean? I did try switxhing the one on the back of the unit? Thanks

They fixed it in firmware it was released for everyone. Yes I mean the ground switch at the back. I did also have hum issue and noticed it went away when I unplugged the HDMI out of the Amp to TV. Tried a different lead same, I then moves the TV to a different mains socket it went away. So likely a ground loop caused by the TV.

Thanks, will try those

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