Uniti Star Input Sensitivity for TT

I have a Rega RP3 / Elys2 / Aria connected to my Star via analogue 1 input. In the app it gives me various input sensitivity settings?

Portable (0.5V)
Tv (1V)
Hi-Fi (2.5V)
Studio (6.5V)

I assume Hi-Fi is the correct setting? Any advice most appreciated.

None of the above. You’ll need an add on phono stage, either MM or MC depending on your cartridge which is nearly certainly MM.

If the Rega add on box is too expensive, NAD do a very good affordable MM phono stage.

The Rega Aria is a phono stage.

I use the 2.5V setting on my Star, mainly because I have never changed it, assuming that it was the correct one. I do have the input trim adjusted up to balance out the volume between TT and other inputs.


You are unlikely to do any hard, in trying the different settings. Try… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think @paulbysea has corrected me and given the right answer.

I’ve tried changing it during playback and the lower the V, the higher the volume, also seems more detailed at 1V.

The Rega Aria is a circa £1,000 phonostage, perhaps overkill for my RP3 but got a new P8 on order.

Hoping someone from Naim, possibly @Richard.Dane, knows which input setting is best to use when a turntable is connected to a Uniti Star and why it is best?

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That was my hope, but they probably didn’t consider a TT when designing it…

Apart from the odd brief listen, and play, I haven’t had any more extensive hands-on experience with the Star Paul, so I’m afraid I can’t help.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

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What trim setting are you using?

Had a play with sensitivity, 0.5V is awful, 1V ok but 2.5V with + trim seems to sound best to me

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Trim is set at 5.

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Thanks, have set mine at +7

I think mine probably could be a bit higher. I will experiment again.

I am now also wondering if the output level of the phono stage makes a difference to whether the 1v or 2.5v setting works better or not?

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That’s what’s it about, whether the output is closer to 1v, or to 2.5v, which again will depend on the gain and the cartridge output.

I get that, but what other differences are there besides voltage. Different impedances and or EQs?
Of course, it all comes down to what sounds best in the end. But I am curious and the specs published don’t give this information.

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