Uniti star interconnect


I brought a uniti star and a stage line with I supply to power it.

The old star had one interconnect that powered the unit.

My old Snaic cable won’t connect the phono stage to the star which I find odd as it’s 5 pin. And it looks like the audio out on the Stageline is 4 pin.

So what exact cable should I buy to
Fit between the Stageline and the star as mines obviously incorrect

Which previous system did you have?

I’m not an expert, but to my knowledge, the new Unitis (Atom, Star, Nova) don’t have the capability to power any other devices (including phono stages).

You’ll need a 4 pin to 5 pin Naim interconnect, rather than a Snaic, to link the Stageline to your Star. You’ll also need a power supply to power the Stageline, so a flatcap or Hicap. You may also wish to consider getting a self powered phono stage, depending on which cartridge you use.

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I had the original uniti. That powered the Stageline.

That’s great! I have an I supply to power the Stage line.

I think because the old Uniti powered the phono Stage I assumed the cable would work with the star.

Thanks for clarifying it’s a Snaic and not interconnect


Just to be clear, you need an interconnect and not a Snaic ie the thin grey (lavender) cable.

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Ok so mines a Snaic and I need one like this?

That’s the one, yes.

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Shame it’s £105 oh well at least it will work. Thanks for all the help

Or even £115…

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