Uniti Star Library?

Quick Question:
I have a 1TB SSD attached to Uniti Star. I can see on the naim app interface “Library” where I can access the drive.
Is it ever possible to access this hard drive via the remote? Library doesn’t show on the screen.

Thanks for any help

You need the app.

Thank you for the prompt reply.
Is there a post or link to how to edit metadata via the app?

The App allows you to edit metadata on anything ripped by the Star. More info here - just input edit metadata in the search box;


Thank you

Have you just got the Star? I also has one connected to 1TB Ssd but was getting dropouts on the ripped CD’s. Interesting to hear if you experience the same issue.

I have only just ripped a few CD’s and haven’t had time to play them back.
I got the message “No ripping errors”

That doesn’t mean anything, it always said that even when there were dropouts. But luckily this saga seems to be coming to an end. @Marty1964 you will be happy to know as well:

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