Uniti Star + Nap 250DR

Hi All,

Im looking to upgrade my current set up and I’m wondering what would be the most sensible thing to do. I can get a second hand Nap 250DR at a reasonable price but was also considering selling my rubicons 6 and getting better speakers. What do you think would yield the best results and can you think of a better way to upgrade? Naims website suggests an external power amp, power lines or a sub.

Plenty of similar threads in here, but i suggest you tell us where you want to end up with the upgrades (price, box count etc.)
If you want something better than the Star and do not need the cd player, just replace it with a Nova and a Powerline, and be done with it.
Otherwise, the next step is the SN3/NDX2 combo.
Adding the 250DR to the Star makes no sense to me unless you plan to end up with a 3 box system as 250DR/282/NDX2 (Edit: this is 4 1/2 box system at least, sorry for the confusion)

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…that is a five box system since you need a NAPSC and HiCap for the 282.

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Are you sure ?- i thought the 282 needs the NAPSC only and the 250DR does not need a separate power supply. The NAPSC can be tucked away somewhere so technically 4 boxes but can be arranged into 3 by tucking it away.

The NAP 282 has the NAPSC come with it to power a circuit board. The HiCap is needed to power the PreAmp. Some folks with the 282 use a single HiCap, two HiCaps or a Supercap to power the 282.

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You are right. That is really a shame…apparently the 282 preamp section can be powered by a 200 but not a 250…Naim is so complicated :pensive:

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IF you love the Rubicons then your upgrade path would be NDX2/SuperNait as suggested above. However if you can get the chance to hear the Star with a better matched speaker load (and different sound) you may be surprised what the Star has to offer. Maybe look at Fyne or Totem options.

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Thanks everyone for your replies.

I guess the ultimate goal is to end up with 3 boxes but given the cost involved this would be over 3-4 years (new box each year). I was wondering how I could benefit the most in the process in other words is there much point in doing it gradually if I won’t see much of a difference by adding for example an external amp.

Also is it worth upgrading the power lines for uniti star or my speaker cables (audio quest rocket 11) and could you please explain in more detail what do you mean by better matched speaker load.

A 3 to 4 box system would be Supernait 3 with NDX2 and either a Hicap DR for the Supernait 3 and/or XPS DR or 555PS DR for the NDX2. Again you could just go Supernait 3 with NDX2 or even an ND5XS2 on a budget. This would give you a good 2 box system.

Going up from that looking at 282, Napsc, Hicap DR with 250DR. Then NDX2 with XPSDR or 555PS DR. You don’t need the power supply for the NDX2 but it makes a big difference. 5 to 6 box system.

So adding a 250 DR to the Star is not the right upgrade. Better of selling the Star and then either going down Supernait 3 route or 282 route as described above.

If 5 or 6 boxes is going to be too much make a start with a Supernait 3 and NDX2 only.

Or 282/200 / Ndx2/ Napsc

Is the 200DR worth it though? In the long run surely a 250DR is a better bet.

I have recently been through the same dilemma. I got a Nap 200 for my Atom and although it made a difference I really should have properly thought about where I wanted to end up with a system. I knew that I wouldn’t be keeping the uniti long term. I’m sure that the appeal of the one box system was what drew you to the uniti, so think carefully if you really can cope with 4/5 boxes. For me the answer was no. I have now sold the Atom and nap which I used the money to help purchase an NDX2. I’m going to pair it with a cheaper naim integrated to start with, then save for a supernait. The system can stay at 2 boxes or can be supplemented by power supplies if I wish down the track.

For me and my ears, 282/200 is better vs SN2/ Hicap, both 2 boxes.

It’s also more expensive.


Yes, but you have already the Ndx2, 200 dr. A 282 second hand can be found for 2k.

Thanks everyone, this is all very helpful and apologies if my questions are silly or obvious, I’m very new to this.

5 or 6 boxes would not be a problem provided I could add one at the time and could upgrade over 4-5 years. Also could someone explain the need for power supply and why some set ups would require two? If I were to go the amp / preamp / streamer route could I use my uniti star as a streamer and replace it last?

Yes, it is confusing sometimes! Technically, it is possible to add a power amp e.g. NAP 250 to the Star first and add a preamp at a later stage. The NAP 250 however has no option to power a seperate preamp so here comes a power suppy in place …

I think it might be wise to make up your mind and think where you’d like to end and start working from there.

Als bear in mind that with adding a seperate pre and power amp to the Star, you are holding back it’s performane by the streaming section of the Star …

And I need to mention the 272 preamp/ streamer which might or might not see a successor in the near future.

I’ve decided to go the 282/250/NDX2/Hicap route. Next question I have is can I bi-amp the rubicons to my star and 250dr and if so could I also use the uniti as a streamer with 282/250dr and bi amp it too before I upgrade to NDX2?

Don’t know if you could, but the 250 won’t be underpowered for the Rubicons, so adding the Star’s lesser power amp into the mix probably won’t improve things

The Star only has a pre-amp output. So your options are to bi-amp with a 250, with one set of speaker cables connected to the Star, and the pre-amp output also connected to the 250 - with a second set of speaker cables running from the 250. The Star doesn’t have a digital output, so if it’s connected to a 282, you would be running two pre-amps and two volume controls, which probably isn’t ideal.