Uniti Star needing to be unplugged

If I leave my Uniti Star on standby without use for say a week, then try to use it, it doesn’t respond to the remote, screen lights up if I press button there for choose input, but then goes nowhere. I tried matching handset with device as when first got it, but nothing. I unplug it then plug it back in and then everything works as it should again. I took it to my dealer and he had no problem working it when first plugged in (neither do I), but seems unwilling to leave it powered up in standby for more than a day, to replicate the condition it is in when this problem occurs. When I tell him again the condition only occurs after it has sat in standby mode for some time, he replies he will plug it in again Saturday and see if it works! Has anybody else out there seen this problem, and how was it fixed?

Are you getting brief power outs? We have them regularly here and so some of the processor heavy electrical items that are left in standby sometimes need a reboot and to be left for a few minutes to them sort themselves out afterwards, especially the video streamer boxes or anything that needs to be connected to the network or internet.

There has been the occasional power outs. Do I need to do another power out manually to reset it after each power outage? Why does one power outage cause a problem that another power outage fixes? Would puting a surge protector in line make any difference?

Seems like you have joined the club of people with unexplicable and persistent problems with their Star. Naim via my dealer have asked me to wait until after the next firmware release before taking it further. I guess the technical team there is hoping that this upcoming update will address a range of issues many latest generation uniti users have been experiencing and complaining about for a year or so now.

Thank you, your answer makes the most sense.

I had a similar issue with my Mu-so QB. Had to unplug it each time I wanted to use it. In the end I moved it on.

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